• Login to your ADMIN ADP log in Click company
  • Click Add User 

If there is no add user you’re not logged into the admin account 


** Suggested values - you can name them how ever you'd like**

First Name – Zip
Last Name – Archives
Role – HR411 Only (this only allows access to zip/recruiting) Email – ***Enter YOUR email*** one you have access too Save
The owner will get a verification text 


You’ll get 2 emails to your email to set up the ADP account – one with a temp username the other with a temp password 


Use those credentials here: 



Fill out Zip Passives - ** All values below are suggestions **
Leave primary email the same
Create Password
 ***These are the credentials you will use to login and pull passives*** Text should be your cell and you should authorize. 




Security questions 


Choose the top 3 in the descending order and answers should be Owners first name, Owners last name, company name 


***Save these on your UN/PW log for account recovery***

Click Next

Log in the the new ADP account to verify email and phone number 




continue verifying 

  • Login to careerlister and create a new job opening you want adp/zip would forward to 
  • Log back into your admin adp account
  • Click Company > User Security > Edit Zip Passives
  • Change the email from your email to the careerlister email                                                



Click Save

Do the same for Archives/passives (other user created)


For archives:
Log in to archive zip
Click zip recruiter
Edit job
Send new candidates to Zip Archive 




Do the same thing for the other.
 I suggest using ad writers email/phone for archive login & the company email/phone for the passives.  Because you cannot use the same email and password to create both. You can not use twilio phone # for verification.