Cross Company duplicate checking allows two companies to be connected so the duplicate checking solution ensures that duplicates for both accounts are flagged.

Login to the main/master user for both companies.   You will know you are the main user when Admin > Company > Users or Admin > Company > Cross Companies shows up.  If you do not see this then please contact the other users and ask them to perform this check and the steps below:

  1. Once logged into the correct user:
  2. Click Admin > Company > Cross Company for both companies
  3. Click New Key (blue button on left) and click New Key in the popup.
  4. Copy the key.
  5. Send the key to the other company.
  6. Take the key that you received from the other company paste it in the Cross Company page where it say "Accept Key" field.
  7. Click accept key.
  8. Check that you have an item in both companies for the two sections => "Companies we are checking (Keys created)" and "Companies checking us (Keys accepted)"
  9. Make sure this above steps are done for BOTH companies otherwise it will be one sided.